Tanning Secrets

Tips for application:

1. Prior to tan, exfoliate your body. This can be achieved by rubbing a damp soapy washer firmly over your skin paying attention to rough areas like elbows, knees, ankles and tops of feet.

2. Make sure your skin is clean and dry before applying spray eg. No deodorants/moisturisers/perfumes etc (as this forms a barrier on the skin and affects coverage). Shaving or waxing is best done up to 2 hours prior.

3. Cover floor area you intend to spray.

4. Make sure can has been shaken well. You are now ready to start.

5. When spraying yourself, it is best to work from the feet upwards. Because your feet area is always a giveaway to a fake tan it is important you follow these simple tips to ensure a flawless finish.
a. cover feet with hand towel whilst spraying your lower body then uncover when doing the upper body. The overspray will then fall to ground lightly covering your feet. When you have finished spraying your whole body, lightly blend around your heel area and top toe area with a small amount of moisturiser (this prevents tan grabbing to dry skin, resulting in patchy finish).

6. The key to an even tan is to spray in a continuous motion and not in straight lines.

7. Start with your lower leg from back to front. ** Do not be alarmed with the appearance of an uneven finish. The bronzer will absorb evenly by end of application. Then spray top leg and lightly over knee (never spray directly onto your feet/knees and elbows as these are dry areas which grab to solution resulting in an unnatural finish.

8. Next lean forward to do back area remembering to top of shoulders. Continue around to stomach and down each side. When doing top half of body follow the curve of your arm for more even finish around elbow.

9. Lift head slightly and sweep across under the neck area. With your face, close eyes and spray down middle then down either side. Remember to spray a little lighter in these areas as they are a giveaway to a fake take.

** At first your bronzer will appear uneven. This will absorb to an even finish. If there are any darker areas due to spraying too close, gently wipe and blend over with a soft dry cloth. Also blend over your feet area especially over toes. You will feel wet for about 10 minutes. To quicken the drying process, a hairdryer will do the job. You can now dress normally. Loose fitting and darker coloured clothing is recommended after spraying. Any rub off will easily wash out of most fabrics, but some lighter coloured materials, including leather may stain. Your spraying is complete – Now the aftercare!

* your DHA (tanning agent) has already started working under the bronzer. Over the next 4-6 hours (longer for a darker result) your tan will deepen in colour. After this time you may shower. Try not to rub soap all over the body as this can cause tan to lift – a body wash is recommended. Do not be alarmed when your tan appears to be washing off. This is only your bronzer agent (what is used to guide you when spraying). Your beautiful natural tan has now developed underneath.

* Once out of shower, pat yourself dry. Do not rub as this will cause tan to come off uneven. To prolong the life of your tan we suggest you moisturise twice a day.

* When spraying yourself before going to bed, it is advisable to rub a small amount of moisturiser over the palms of your hands and apply a small amount of talc powder there too. This will form a barrier when sleeping in case hands rest on body during night.


What makes you go brown?
The sunless tanner dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is currently the most popular way of gaining a tan-like appearance without sun exposure as it carries less health risks than any of the available methods. To date, it is the only active ingredient approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for sunless tanning.

How does DHA work?
All effective sunless tanners contain DHA. It is a colourless 3 carbon sugar that when applied to the skin causes a chemical reaction with amino acids in the surface cells of the skin producing a darkening effect. DHA does not damage skin as it only affects the outermost cells of the epidermis (stratum corneum).

How is Natural Tan different to other self tanners?
Natural Tan had developed the most advanced formula on the market. Not only do we use the highest levels of DHA available (to give you a deeper more natural tan) the added benefit of collagen not only moisturisers and hydrates the skin, it assists in restoring the skin’s elasticity – a known agent in slowing the signs of ageing. It gives you a longer lasting tan and reduces the dryness and patchiness often experienced with most self tanners.

How long does it last on your skin?
It usually lasts at least 7 days( sometimes longer) if correct aftercare is followed.